Lip correction

Lip correction

Lip augmentation and correction

Expressive, sensual lips have become a symbol of feminine beauty. According to research, lip augmentation significantly impacts self-esteem more than any other aesthetic procedure.
Today, with lip correction longer requiring surgery, this aesthetic procedure has become one of the most popular worldwide.
With injections of a high-quality hyaluronic acid-based filler, you can give your lips the perfect shape that will last from 4 months to a year.

When should you consider lip correction

Would you like a harmonious lip shape? Simply book an appointment at the Clinic. Dr Luba Bar sef will examine your facial structure and offer the perfect treatment for you.

The Russian lips technique

The popular Russian lips technique fully preserves the topography and contour of your lips. During your consultation, Dr Bar sef will select the ideal introduction technique for you to preserve your natural beauty, proportions, and facial expression.
Please note! Lip augmentation by a non-professional using low-quality products can lead to severe problems. Don't take any risks when it comes to your face.
Note: Dr Bar sef personally performs the procedure using high-quality materials approved by the FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health. The entire process takes 15-30 minutes, and the results are immediately visible at the end of the process.
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